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Civil marriage

Application for a civil marriage must be made, depending on the city, either to the Civil Registry or to the District Court (Juzgado). Note that in order to be married in Spain at least one of the two applicants must be a resident of Spain.
Both parties are usually required to each submit the following documents:

  • An application form to be obtained from the Civil Registry or Court in whose jurisdiction the marriage is to take place.
  • An original non-abridged birth certificate, legalised and translated into Spanish.
  • A certificate of bachelorship or non-impediment to marriage. A declaration of bachelorship may be obtained at the local Civil Registry. Where this is not possible, a “Statement in lieu of an Embassy issued certificate of non-impediment to marriage” is usually accepted.
  • Divorced/widowed: Original marriage and death or divorce certificates, as the case may be, which must be legalised and translated into Spanish. Divorces obtained outside of Spain must be convalidated, the Exequatur must be obtained from the Sala 1a del Tribunal Supremo, through a lawyer.
  • Posting of banns: The Embassy or Consulates may issue a letter saying that this is not required in your country of origin.
  • Certificate of residence: Residents of Spain my obtain this document from the Tenencia de Alcaldía in their district of residence. For non-residents, a sworn statement declaring the addresses of the last few years may be signed before a consul.
  • A certificate of consular registration: Issued by the Embassy or Consulates upon presentation of a valid passport and completion of a registration card, this certificate must include an address in Spain.

All required documents must be submitted at least 8 days before the desired date of marriage although the average delay is 35-40 days.

Legalisation of required documents: Contact your consulate or embassy. Translations should be done by an official translator.

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